• Girls Kite Camp by Love2Kite

  • GIRLS KITE CAMP by Love2Kite
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    If you love kiteboarding, yoga and other water activities this event is perfect for you

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    Come and join us for 5 days of girls meeting to improve your kitesurfingu skills in a fun, positive and 100% girly environment!

    This camp offers much more than just kiting, we will teach you how to keep the body fit and soul clean. Our yoga classes will show you how to start your day in positive and healthy way.


    Girls Kite Camp by Love2Kite is dedicated to the girls who ride or want to get on the board! Those days are all about improving your kite skills and having lots of fun together!

    Spaces in our Girls Love2Kite Camp are limited, so don’t waist your time, book your place and join us for this special event!


    The meeting is going to take place at Lo Stagnone lagoon, spot is located on the west of Sicily.


    Lo Stagnone is one of the best place to kitesurf in Europe where the wind is blowing almost every day! Flat, shallow and huge lagoon is perfect for beginners and freestyle lovers. Perfect playground to improve your skills. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, starting to go upwind, trying your first jumps or going big unhooked, this place is just good for everyone!

    If you have any doubts if Sicily is a good place for your kite holiday, please read my article for KiteSista:

    10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sicily For Your Next Kite Holiday


    Right on the spot! We will be hosted by one of the most famous kite school in Lo Stagnone- ProKite Alby Rondina. We offer you double rooms with breakfast included.

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    Ride with Agata Dobrzynska

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    Agata Dobrzynska

    Co-founder of Love2Kite.com

    International Ambassador of ION

    Beginner/Freestyle Coach

    Originally from Poland. She has been traveling around the world for the last 3 years, chasing the wind and sharing her passion to kitesurfing!

    Her dream is to combine passion with traveling the world! After years of kitesurfing and working as a kitesurf instructor she has got a lot of teaching experience! For her to have fun on the water is the most important thing!

    Reach your freestyle goals with Francesca Bagnoli


    Francesca Bagnoli

    3x Italian Champion

    Freestyle Coach

    For her nothing is impossible! Full of energy and positive vibes! To ride with her is a pure fun! She will help you out with your tricks that you have been working on and teach you lots of more! Together you will set up a new goals to rich! She is always fully motivated and focus to ride!



    Coaching by Agata Dobrzynska

    8 h included kite gear and video coaching


    Coaching by Francesca Bagnoli

    8 h included video coaching

    GIRLS KITE CAMP by Love2Kite


    When: 28.04-02.05.2017

    Where: Lo Stagnone, SICILY

    How to get here: Ryanair- Trapani airport (5 minutes from the spot), Palermo airport (45 minutes from the spot)

    What: Girls Kite Camp by Love2Kite meeting for women, SUP, Yoga! 5 days of pure fun!

    For who: All the girls are more than welcome to join us for our event!

    Spaces are limited: 10 women



    -Kite Clinic

    -Yoga Classes


    -Sicilian Aperitif

    -Sicilian Vine Testing

    All the girls will get a start park with goodies from our official sponsors.


    -Fly tickets


    Wanna join us?

    Book your place for our Girls Kite Camp today!

    For more informations and conditions contact us by:

    E-MAIL: love2kite@outlook.com

    FB: www.facebook.com/love2kitecom

    INSTAGRAM: love2kitecom


    Agata Dobrzynska

    FB: www.facebook.com/dobrzynska.agata

    INSTAGRAM: agata.dobrzynska

    Peace & Love Team Love2Kite

  • Hakuna Matata By Love2Kite

  • In 2014 we’ve been traveling and kiting in muy bonito Mexico and Beleza Brazil, we had a really good time!
    We’d like to thanks to Zeeko Kites and Xenon Boards for support and all the people who made this year special!

    Team Love2Kite.com

  • SANDBOARDING in Brasil

  • If you miss a snow in Brasil try sandboarding, gives a lot of fun! Sundunes around Uruau are perfect for this sport! Just don’t forget your board with wax on it and have fun with an awesome sunset view!

    Check this out!


    We are super happy cause the winter in Europe is coming! For us it’s been awhile without any snow, so be ready for the update from Alpes soon!

    Team Love2Kite.com


  • IMGP7000-2

    Uruau BRASIL

    We can’t imagine better place to kite! The wind is blowing every day, lagoon just in front of ProKiteBrasil is not that big but definitely the flattest spot in the neighborhood. We fell in love with this place from the first session!



    We love Brasil for many reasons, one of them is buggy!

    buggy beachtrip-2

    The place remained you that Brazil is still a wild country, while you kiting you can see savages horses taking a walk on the beach, cross turtles in the ocean and it’s nothing easier than get a fresh fish from local fisherman.


    Team Love2Kite.com


  • 6-2

    Isla Blanca MEXICO

    This is the spot to be! Perfect place to improve your skills in freestyle or if you are beginner! You gonna love this place just don’t forget your wetsuit, in Mexico can be really cold, especially when the North wind is blowing!

    1 (2)-2

    When the wind is coming from Canada we used to move from Tulum to Isla Blanca! Like Mau used to say “Isla Blanca never failed!”, actually we can say that he was right! Isla Blanca never failed! This spot is perfect, shallow and flat water, strong and constant wind, what could we ask more?!


    Quiet and peaceful, where you can put your tent or bring your hummock to spend few days in Ikarus Kite Camp! You won’t need any alarm, the bird or the sound of the wind will wake you up.


    Team Love2Kite.com


  • for zeeko-2

    Zeeko Krush 2014

    The 2014 is almost finish! We can not wait for the NEW 2015 Zeeko Krush. Why we love Zeeko Kites?


    First feeling with the ZEEKO KRUSH 2014! This kite is fucking awesome! Kiteloop machine, quick and powerful, with an amazing hang time, a massive pop unhooked! Super good feeling from the first session… The bar pressure is a bit softer than the previous krush, you still have the possibility of setting up the pressure on the kite. Stable and fast we definitely love it! We also liked the new system of inflate/deflate quick and easy, good quality and the design is awesome! Looking forward to being on the water again!

    for zeeko2
    Team Love2Kite.com


  • Tulum MEXICO

    After a short stop in Dominican Republic, let’s fly to Mexico to discover the Mayan’s culture and the paradisiac beaches of Tulum! We couldn’t wait to check a new spot and to start a new adventure! When we arrived we met our friends Mauricio and Rocio from Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf School where we were working for the last 6 months. The school is located on the Ahau Hotel beach, luxury hotel and perfect place to chill after your kite session. The spot looks like a heaven; we’ve never seen such a white sand, palm trees on the beach and turquoise water.  Tulum is perfect for the wave’s riders, you can find here really nice waves, light and constant wind. Tulum is a big natural reserve, every day you can be surprised by a turtle, a friendly ray and billions of colorful fishes.

    Team Love2Kite.com