Isla Blanca MEXICO

This is the spot to be! Perfect place to improve your skills in freestyle or if you are beginner! You gonna love this place just don’t forget your wetsuit, in Mexico can be really cold, especially when the North wind is blowing!

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When the wind is coming from Canada we used to move from Tulum to Isla Blanca! Like Mau used to say “Isla Blanca never failed!”, actually we can say that he was right! Isla Blanca never failed! This spot is perfect, shallow and flat water, strong and constant wind, what could we ask more?!


Quiet and peaceful, where you can put your tent or bring your hummock to spend few days in Ikarus Kite Camp! You won’t need any alarm, the bird or the sound of the wind will wake you up.



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  1. We are heading to Isla Blanca to Ikarus April25, 2015. Ikarus kite Camp providing good equipment

    1. …and really good vibes! It’s pure fun to ride there!

  2. Yes, Isla Blanca is definetly the place to be!

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